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Songs Of Shipwreck

Planned 2025

When ALL HAIL took a break/hiatus in late 2015, the idea was they would eventually regroup and record/release the albums they wrote together. That changed when their friend and drummer, Bronson Gross, heartbreakingly passed away in January of 2020. Years later, Cody, Aaron, and Jon decided they would finally record the debut album they wrote together over 10 years prior. When completed, it will serve as a testament to the fun the four of them shared in 2013/2014, as well as be a tribute to the memory of their fallen friend.

Originally written in 2013, Songs Of Shipwreck has been revisited and reworked for a planned release in 2025. The first single, Follow The Leader, was released in June of 2024.

Follow The Leader is the first single from the upcoming album Songs Of Shipwreck. The song was released on June 17, 2024, and included an instrumental version as well as the demo version of the song originally recorded in 2013.
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