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A tale told by man

One you don't understand

You’re too materialistic, complicit

You know, they're just distracting you

While they're scrubbing your brain

You're out stuck in the rain

And you’re soaked with no coat on, you float on and on

So really what can you do?


Father (single)


Father is the first single off the upcoming album Tales, As Told By Man by Cody McKennaIt was written for his father, Kevin P. McKenna, and serves as a tribute to the love a son has for his pop.

Can't Wait (single)


The second single from the upcoming LP "Tales, As Told By Man", Can't Wait was written in anticipation of the birth of Cody's son Kevin E. McKenna.

Tales, As Told By Man


Marking a stylistic departure from albums he's done with his other projects, Cody McKenna takes a singer/songwriter approach with Tales, As Told By Man. The album is extremely personal and includes songs written for his father, his wife, in anticipation of his son's birth, in tribute of his late grandfather, and for fallen friends. Tales, As Told By Man is currently being worked on and will be released pending the status of his various other projects.

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