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II: Tribes & Oddities


In late 2017, upon completing and releasing The Circle Of Wonders' debut album, the fully instrumental I: Welcome To The Circle... (as well as Caution K9 and Odyssey with Bloodhound that same year), Cody McKenna began brainstorming ideas for the follow up. At the time, he didn't know exactly what it was going to end up sounding like, but he did know something... it was going to have vocals, and it was going to be fully conceptual. In early 2018, McKenna began crafting the storyline and started writing and recording songs for what would become the 17-track sophomore album in the series, which released a year later.

II: Tribes & Oddities, tells the story of an innocent little girl, Alana Hale, who comes from the forest that surrounds the mysterious town of Burdale. She has the extraordinary ability to see into the future, which she has no control over. Time and time again the future she sees is an unfavorable one, often involving death and destruction. This album tells of her journey to find a home, where people love and accept her the way she is. 



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