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Lore Entry #5: People Of Burdale

Updated: May 22

  • The Wildwood Man has essentially become the mascot of Burdale. He/it is a wild man/sasquatch who has been spotted in Hale Forest Park for hundreds of years. He is so celebrated by the Burdale community, that there is a yearly street festival in his honor. In 1972, a statue of him was erected at the edge of Hale Forest Park, across from The Burdale Bar.

  • Burdale Barkeep is a large, silver haired, mountain-man looking human who has lived above the Burdale Bar for… well nobody quite knows how long, but behind the counter there’s a photo three gentlemen standing in front of the tavern - the photo is dated April 9, 1859, and the Barkeep is smack dab in the middle of it.

  • Eddie “Whispers” is a spaztic man who always whispers what he says back to himself. Works at the front desk at the Burdale Historical Association, as he is very interested in Burdale's history... as well as its mysteries.

  • Mr. Trenchcoat is mysterious dark figure who wears a black trenchcoat and long brimmed hat. He's only seen out of the corner of your eye for a split second, but is nowhere to be found when you direct your gaze. To the children in town, he’s become a sort of boogeyman. The adults pretend he doesn't exist, but they've all caught a glimpse of him at one point or another.

  • Nelson Myers was the owner of The Oddity Shop. He was the biological father to Michael Santelli (born William Myers, aka The Ringmaster of The Circle of Wonders). He died on July 5, 1964 if the fire that destroyed The Oddity Shop.

  • Birdy “The Witch Of Burdale” seemingly has an eternal life due to effects from her close contact with the wreckage from The Conjure Quake Event. Additional effects from the wreckage amplified her already existing hatred for Burdale, manifesting an evil into every fiber of her being. She requires a suicide sacrifice at the location of The Light Beam Incident, which is where the remnants of the alien spacecraft in the Swedish timeline were located. It is unknown why, but this ritual keeps her young in appearance.

  • Clifford Von Brahm was the faux-leader of a cult in the 60’s that attempted to perform a mass suicide in Hale Forest Park. This mass suicide was thwarted by Jessica Newman, a newly joined member of the cult. Though Clifford was the face of the cult, the real mastermind/leader was none other than The Witch Of Burdale & Clifford's lover, Birdy. Clifford was shot by an off duty Sheriff's Deputy.

  • Wallet is a thief who works at the front desk of The Somewhere Motel. He once stole a cab driver’s wallet, so his friends started calling him “Wallet”. The name stuck.

  • Samuel Tripp Loch aka “Mayor Tripp” has been the mayor of Burdale since 1984. He was elected at 20 years old, defeating the incumbent of the previous eight years, Meowty McFly, who was a cat. Unfortunately, Meowty didn’t live long after his defeat. 

    • “Vote for Tripp, he’s a trip!”

    • “Meowty for Mayor: He’s Got Nine Lives of Experience!”

    • Mayor Tripp’s family opened the Spectral Spectacles amusement park in 1962, and he inherited it in the mid 1970’s. Inspired by Jimmy Carter giving up his prized peanut farm upon being elected president in 1976, Mayor Tripp stepped down as owner and operator of the park during his mayoral run in 1984. Ownership was passed to his younger brother, Simon Tripp.

  • Sheriff Glenn Bank IV is the supposed great great grandson of Deputy Glenn Bank I, who was one of the three survivors of the sickness that befell the eight Conjure Quake Event investigators. Each of the four Glenn Banks have become sheriff of Never County and have remained sheriff until the next Glenn Bank was elected sheriff. Some other strange things: 

    • All Glenn Banks look identical.

    • No two Glenn Banks have ever been seen together in public.

    • None of the Glenn Banks have ever married, despite them all having sons.

  • Too-Tall Little Joe is the director of the senior center and community garden. He was tiny as a child so his family called him "Little" Joe.... that was before his growth spurt. When he grew to 6ft 2in, everyone started calling him "Too-Tall Little" Joe.

  • Buddy Pal is the owner of the Arboreal Art Gallery, the local art gallery located on Cliffside Drive. He is an painter/sculptor/poet who's artistic muse is the mysterious Wildwood Man. He designed the statue that sits across from the Burdale Bar.

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