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Lore Entry #4: Locations In And Around Burdale...

Updated: Jun 11

  • Burdale Bar is located on the corner of Cliffside Drive and Birdview Street. It has been a staple of Burdale since before the town's incorporation.

  • The Oddity Shop was a shop of oddities and curiosities. Among the items on display was the only piece of wreckage recovered from the 1864 Conjure Quake Event, which was passed down through generations of the Myers family. The shop was owned by Nelson Myers, biological father to Michael Santelli aka The Ringmaster of The Circle of Wonders. Nelson Myers died in 1964 in a fire that destroyed The Oddity Shop. The only unscathed item from the collection that was found was the remnant from The Conjure Quake Event. In place of The Oddity Shop, The Burdale Historical Association was built in 1967 and has been in operation ever since.

  • Hale Forest Park is a large park managed by The Town of Burdale. Many of Burdale's mysteries are connected to the forest.

  • Bridwell Park is the second of three municipal parks in Burdale. Named after Burdale’s first mayor, Oliver Bridwell, the park spans six acres and is located in central Burdale. Its amenities include a playground, a gazebo, a baseball field, picnic tables, a swimming pool, and an outdoor basketball court.

  • Spellbind Park & Senior Center is the third municipal park in Burdale. Located at the base of Conjure Mountain, to the south of Burdale. The 3-acre park’s amenities include picnic tables, a very old and outdated playground, an indoor 60+ (age) senior recreation center, a fenced off abandoned swimming pool, and the start of the Conjure Mountain hiking trail. The hiking trail leads up to just below the mountain’s peak, Witch’s Landing. The peak itself has been mostly inaccessible since The Conjure Quake Event. Spellbind Park is certainly the park that receives the least TLC. The park was built mere yards away from the collapsed mine entrance. Next to the defunct entrance is a memorial statue that includes the names of each of the miners who perished. The collapse was such that it was too dangerous to attempt to recover the bodies, so they’ve remained in mine for the last 150 years.

  • Crown Rock sits with a 1708 ft elevation. Located to the north of Burdale. The remnants of a stone castle lay on a lower peak. The high peak is home to The Crown Tree. There are also remnants of small tribe settlements built into the walls of the mountain, but they have long been abandoned. Additionally, ancient cave drawings and glyphs of The Wildwood Man, as well as UFOs, have been found at different elevations around the mountain.

  • Conjure Mountain stands tall with a 3025 ft elevation. Located to the south of Burdale.

  • Witch’s Landing is the flattened peak of Conjure Mountain. It is the site of The Conjure Quake Event.

  • Conjure Coal Mine is the collapsed coal mine beneath Conjure Mountain.

  • Specter Ridge stands with it's highest elevation point at a staggering 4828 ft. Located to Burdale’s east, this mountain range has a lift that can take up to a dozen people at a time up to its summit. At the top is a nature lodge which includes an elevator tower. This tower will take you up to the observation deck/nature museum where you can get a 360 degree view of the valley, including all of Burdale and Hale Forest Park. From here, you can also catch a glimpse of the Spectral Spectacles Theme Park which is located slightly northwest of the mountain within a clearing in the trees. This is the highest stationary vantage point in the valley. There are also various radio towers located along the ridge, some of which have functions that are known to the residents of Burdale, and some which are a mystery. At the southern end of the ridge is a building with a purpose that is unknown to the residents of Burdale. Local theories suggest it's a laboratory that houses the remains of the alien that was recovered from the 1864 Conjure Quake Incident, as well as wreckage from the craft it was piloting. The only visible marking on the building is an interesting looking eight-pointed star shape.

  • Mt. West is Burdale's westernmost mountain. The hills of this mountain house Burdale's largest public library, the Bridwell family cemetery, Skinwalker Drive-In, among other notable locations.

  • Arboreal Art Gallery is the local art gallery, located on Cliffside Drive. The gallery is privately owned by Buddy Pal, a local artist who's artistic muse is the mysterious Wildwood Man.

  • The Somewhere Motel is located on Cliffside Drive, across the street and down a bit from The Burdale Bar. Nothing special, but it's got a continental breakfast. The Somewhere Motel has a sister establishment in Haven Hill, New Mexico called The Elsewhere Hotel.

  • The Burdale Historical Association (est. 1967) is a museum showcasing Burdale’s history, including thorough exhibits on The Conjure Quake Event and The Light Beam Incident. Here, they have on display, the only uncovered wreckage from The Conjure Quake Event.

  • Spectral Spectacles is mythological creature themed amusement park. Located just northeast of Burdale, within The Phantom Valley. The Swansong, UK timeline counterpart to Spectral Spectacles is called Wendego Wonderpark.

  • The Bizarre Bazar is a strip mall across from the foot of Mt. West. It's storefronts include various retail shops, The Skinwalker Cineplex, a Chalupacabra (Mexican fast food restaurant), an Alien Aroma Café, the Appalachia Creamery ice cream parlor, and a Cosmic Burger.

  • Skinwalker Cineplex & Drive-In is the local movie theater located at The Bizarre Bazar. The facility features six indoor theatres, as well as a large screen across the street at the base of Mt. West. This scree is used for drive-in screenings.

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