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Lore Entry #2: What Was The Conjure Quake Event?

Updated: Jun 11

On October 21, 1864, in the skies above Earth, an alien spacecraft that could travel interdimensionally experienced a malfunction resulting in a crash. During the crash, the damage to the ship’s technology caused a phenomenon which bridged three parallel timelines together. In each of these alternate timelines, the craft went down in a different location on the planet; 

  1. In The Town of Burdale in the United States

  2. In The Village of Swansong in the UK

  3. In The Town of Ängsstad in Sweden

This has lead to the discovery of Interdimensional Artifacts in each of the towns, including ruins of an ancient castle on Crown Rock in Burdale, and seemingly a copy of The Crown Tree atop Pike Hill in Swansong, along with countless other phenomenon and mysterious happenings.

Subsequently, in the alternate timelines, Swansong and Ängsstad have seen sightings of The Wildwood Man and members of The Hale Tribe in their forests, as well as other parallel and/or connected happenings, one very notable being The Light Beam Incident. They also have their own parallel versions of The Witch, Mr. Trenchcoat, The Barkeep, and other unique characters that we know from Burdale (see Lore Entry #5: People Of Burdale). In other words, certain aspects that make Burdale “weird” are all mirrored within two completely different towns, in completely different countries, in completely alternate timelines.

The spacecraft crashed on what the locals now call Witch's Landing, the peak atop Conjure Mountain, Burdale's southern most mountain range. The crash created a seismic event which caused the coal mine beneath Conjure Mountain to collapse, trapping 23 miners who died of starvation and injury. The impact of the ship flattened the mountain’s peak, creating what would eventually be referred to by the locals as Witch’s Landing. The Never County Sheriff, his four deputies, Arthur Myers (a school teacher), Birdie Baker (the widow to a miner who perished in the collapse), and Barty Aldrich (the local barkeep) climbed (hiked) to the peak to investigate. Among the vaporized bushes and scorched earth, they discovered a crashed spaceship which held an alien body. It was unknown to them whether the alien was alive or deceased. The sheriff swore the others to secrecy, hoping to mitigate a panic among the townspeople. While his deputies closed off the trail, the sheriff returned to the Sheriff's Station to contact state authorities. His deputies were instructed to assure the townsfolk that a methane gas explosion caused by a fissure in the rock was the cause of the mine collapse. Less than 24 hours after the crash, a team made up of Union AND Confederate government officials arrived and took over the mountain, which caused a heavy stir among the townsfolk. By the end of the week, construction began on a facility on the adjacent mountain, Specter Ridge. Once completed, all remnants of the crash are said to have been moved there in secret. The building is marked by an eight-pointed star.

The sheriff and the six others, known to Burdale Historians as The Sickened Seven, all came down with a sickness in the days following the crash. Only Barty, Birdy, and Glenn Bank (a sheriff's deputy) survived.

A single piece of metallic material, a circular item with roughly an 8" circumference, was discovered at the base of the mountain by Emma Myers, the wife of Arthur Myers (the school teacher). Keeping this futuristic cog-like item a secret, she concealed it in her coat and went home, waiting for her husband to return. Later that evening, when Arthur arrived, he broke his vow of silence by telling his wife everything he saw on Conjure Mountain. She showed him the piece she discovered and he confirmed that it had come from the same craft. Within days, Arthur was dead from the sickness.

The piece of wreckage was passed down through the next few generations of the Myers family until the death of Nelson Myers in 1962 when his Oddity Shop burned down. Currently, the small piece of wreckage is on display at The Burdale Historical Association museum and is the only known evidence of what really happened on Conjure Mountain on October 21, 1864, though skeptics dismiss it as fake.

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