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Lore Entry #1: Burdale - What Is It?

Updated: May 23

What Is Burdale?

Since 1914, Burdale has been a place you can’t find on any map. You cannot set a course to it in your GPS, and you can’t simply retrace your steps to find it again if you’ve been there before. In other words, you can't find it. It finds you. Located in Phantom Valley, USA, Burdale is a town of mystery, intrigue, and a bit of paranormal/supernatural/inter-dimensional hoo-ha.

How does it relate to the stories told within the concept albums by The Circle Of Wonders and Bloodhound?

While not every The Circle Of Wonders and Bloodhound story takes place within Burdale, the town certainly influences the events of each story. Whether it be through a specific character or artifact that has been corrupted (so to speak) by the town, Burdale has a presence in every story. The elements that the town brings are typically what make each story weird or eery.

In the future a story breakdown for each album will be available which will further detail how each story connects to the overarching Burdale story.

Tell me more about the town.

Burdale - located in The Phantom Valley, which is part of Never County. It is 6.5 square miles in size (excluding the vastness of Hale Forest Park).

Adjacent to the town is Hale Forest Park, which is a massive, dense, municipal park that is home to hiking trails, ponds, creeks, and remnants of the past and beyond. It's foliage is made up of fir, pine, and spruce trees, as well as walnut, oak, and mountain mahogany. Birch, aspen, alder, quercus robur, and beech trees have also been discovered in Hale Forest Park, which is odd as they're not native to the region. Hale Forest Park adds an additional 8 square miles, bringing Burdale to a total of 14.5 square miles when taking the park into account.

The town and forest are situated in the bed of a valley with mountains surrounding on virtually all sides. Burdale’s northern mountain, Crown Rock, holds special significance to The Hale Tribe, with the lone tree atop the mountain, The Crown Tree, being utilized as an altar for rituals and sacrifices for centuries.

As of 2014, The Town of Burdale has a population of approximately 10,000 residents.

It began as a coal mining town in 1799 with just 153 residents. It remained a coal mining town until the October 21, 1864 Conjure Quake Event. In the 65 years between 1799 and 1864, the town’s population had grown to 10,000. The town was officially incorporated in 1814. Since the closure of the mine, the town’s population size has remained basically the same, fluctuating only slightly here and there.

After The Light Beam Incident, something about Burdale began pulling out-of-towners in . Not figuratively, but literally. They'd be taking a walk in their neighborhood, not paying attention - focused on whatever was on their mind - they'd turn a corner, and suddenly they wouldn't recognize the street they were on. Next thing they knew, they're standing on the corner of Cliffside Drive & Birdview Street staring at the front door to The Burdale Bar. Stories similar to this would primarily happen to people who were lost in life or unsure of their purpose or direction. Those are the kind of people Birdy, The Witch of Burdale, likes - they always seem to go down the easiest.

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